Our mission is to help you increase your Lead to Conversion ratio by 20%.

Pitch.Link is a Zero InterruptionBuyer-Seller Engagement and Conversion solution designed for remotetransactions. We also help you reducetime chasing leads that would not convert by 50%.


Over400 + registered companies are closing more deals.

Active Users

Users include 1000+ Marketing and Sales professionals

Pitch.Links sent

More engagement with over 8000 Pitch.Links sent.

in Development

Over4+ years in development.

Our Story

Imagination and dare.

Started with our own need to reach unreachable customers, numerous no shows for face-to-face meetings, even more difficulty in talking to all stakeholders in a decision-making committee we imagined Pitch.Link as the ultimate tool for Remote Selling. Our team has been building solutions for over a decade and we brought all our experience and imagination to building Pitch.Link. For startups and Small and medium businesses determined to grow through increased conversion

Our Vision

Quest for Extraordinary Outcome

We strive to build the perfect platform that would help deliver Extraordinary Outcome to all the stakeholders in a Value Transaction Process.


We want to ensure that the value transaction process is Transparent for both parties on either end.


We are the first Buyer Seller SaaS that does not track buyer data without Explicit permission firmly putting the relationship on a trusted platform


Our goal is to reduce the entire communication, conversation and conversion process to a single unique link. Once on the platform no stakeholder needs to keep track of any other space or app.


The goal was to ensure that the entire process was easy for both the Buyers and Sellers. Every single feature was crafted with that single filter.

Our Team

Meet the minds behindPitch.Link

The current team behind Pitch.Link has been working together since 2008 first building a Multilingual Visual Training Platform working with top Brands like Tata’s, Mahindra, Samsung, Citibank, Infiniti Retail, Fuji Electric (ConsulNeowatt), Flipkart besides many others.

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Subhanjan Sarkar

CEO & Founder

Subhanjan launched India’s first technology show on television and the second 24 hour technology television channel in the world 1999. He developed a Multilingual Visual Learning Platform in2008. Subhanjan holds 3 US patents for the technology applications he developed. Pitch.Link is his newest product aimed at providing a comprehensive buyer-seller engagement platform.

Rajib Aditya

Head of Content

Rajib's background in the mainstream feature film industry lends him the unique ability to create narrative content that appeals to human interest. Riding the edge between digital process and consumption, he provides inputs to refine UX, in the attempt to provide a seamless experience between content and its delivery mechanism. He is responsible for all content on the platform, including help and learning guides.

Pradeep K. Gupta

Head of Technology

Pradeep drives all technology and development at Pitch.link. He leads the development team that works on the flagship Multilingual Visual Learning Platform application and its mobile extensions. He oversaw and delivered more than 100 apps for the Showhow2 portfolio, and led development of multilingual apps for enterprise training on the KnowledgeBridge platform. Pradeep holds a Masters Degree in Information Technology.

Advait Sarkar

Advisor Analytics

Advait is advising Pitch.Link to craft its predictive analytics path. Advait studies the intersection of design and artificial intelligence, primarily in the context of spreadsheets, data analytics and data visualization. Advait has worked on these topics both in industry and in academia. His work has been published in several scientific papers, and incorporated into products used by millions of users.

Omprakash Yadav

Head of Admin

Om is responsible for ensuring smooth operations in every facet of operations, from finance to company affairs, from infrastructure to community well-being, from pre-planning to production floor efficiency. His previous spell in producing a technology show and channel satellite up-linking from South East Asia provides him valuable all-round experience in the field.

Abhijeet Pradhan


Abhijeet is a Lead Developer at PitchLink and played an important role in translating the vision into the product. He joined from campus. He graduated from Centurion University of Technology and Management with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. He has been part of the core team developing the visual learning platform our primary offering. He is also part of the team that developed Showhow2.

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